Our Water,
Our Future

Secure water for generations

Securing senior water rights and water storage for Tuolumne County dates back more than a century. A newspaper article published February 28th described the need for more water in Tuolumne County as an “old question, never settled.” That was February 28th, 1920. The truth is, the County has struggled with a dependable water supply for decades. Today, we have a chance to change that. The Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) and the communities we serve have the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to finally secure a reliable water supply – and the future of Tuolumne County for generations to come.

    Community Benefits

    First In Line For Water

    Tuolumne County has zero water rights presently and has struggled with a dependable water supply for years. This is an opportunity to always be at the front of the line each year, securing critically important water supplies for our customers now and in the future.

    Local Control

    TUD customers understand that government functions best when it is closest to – and therefore most accountable to – its constituents. If TUD acquires the system, that means no other entity or investor could acquire these assets and have the power to manage the system in a way that is inconsistent with Tuolumne County values and interests.


    While still adhering to federal regulations that require certain operational practices, TUD customers will benefit from flexibility created by operating the system primarily as a water supply system, with hydroelectric production as a secondary function. This flexibility will reduce water supply risk and improve certainty for Tuolumne County.

    Drought Mitigation & Wildfire Protection

    Due to recent droughts and other factors, in 2019, Tuolumne County was listed as California’s number one County at risk of wildfire . With that ever-increasing threat, the acquisition will improve our ability to safeguard the region.


    What's Next?

    PG&E has paused negotiations with Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD or District) on the transfer of several PG&E owned assets including Pinecrest Lake, Lyons Reservoir, the Main Tuolumne Canal, Phoenix hydroelectric facilities, and associated water rights.  Negotiations are expected to remain on-hold through at least the end of 2023.  

    Tuolumne Utilities District remains committed to pursuing local ownership of valuable senior water rights for the community.  In partnership with Tuolumne County and the City of Sonora, TUD recently issued PG&E a letter reaffirming its commitment to the acquisition and will continue to remain actively engaged until PG&E is ready to return to the table. 
    Commitment Letter to PG&E